What Are Splash Blocks?

What are they?

Splash blocks are the rectangular slabs commonly seen on the side of homes near gutters, and are essential components of a gutter system designed to direct water away from the downspout that prevents water accumulation near the foundation of your home.

They play a vital role in maintaining proper water drainage when you live in areas with heavy rainfall like Houston.

A picture of a concrete splash block circled in red, located on the side of a residential home underneath a white gutter downspout.

Does My Home Need Splash Blocks?

Where should I place Splash Blocks?

Splash blocks should be placed strategically at the base of downspouts to redirect water away from your home. They are especially needed for downspouts that drain above ground, ensuring efficient water drainage.

Consequences of not having Splash blocks

Without splash blocks, water can accumulate near the foundation, leading to water leaks, mold growth, and foundation damage. Mud splatters on your home’s walls can also occur, diminishing your property’s appearance.

Scenario when Splash Blocks are needed

When Houston gets a lot of rain, rainwater flows from the roof through the downspout, then down into your yard. Without properly redirecting this water, concentrated pools of water can form around the foundation of your home

Splash blocks become crucial in scenarios like this to prevent water from seeping underneath your home and potentially rotting the foundation. Splash Blocks help prevent erosion, mud splatters on your home, and potential foundation damage.

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The Importance of Rainwater Management

Erosion Control

Proper rainwater management using splash blocks prevents soil erosion in your yard. Without this control, heavy rainfall can wash away topsoil, cause holes and ruts, and destroy your beautiful garden and landscaping.


In extreme cases, poor rainwater drainage may result in flooding. Splash blocks efficiently redirect water away from the foundation, minimizing the risk of water seepage into your home over time. 

Foundation Damage

Uncontrolled water flow near the foundation can weaken it over time, leading to costly structural issues. Splash blocks act as a barrier, ensuring water doesn’t linger around the foundation which is a proactive way of preventing damage

For more information about rainwater management: click here 

Types of Splash Blocks

Metal Splash Blocks

Metal splash blocks offer durability and can be aesthetically pleasing. Their sturdy construction ensures they remain in place even in extreme weather conditions like hurricanes, monsoons, and the typical rainy Houston weather.

Concrete Splash Blocks

Concrete splash blocks are one of the most common styles you’ll see around Houston, known for their durability and subtle appearance. Available in various sizes, they effectively channel water away from your home and withstand harsh weather conditions. 

Stone Splash Blocks

If matched correctly, stone splash blocks can add a decorative element to the exterior of your home. They can enhance your landscaping while effectively redirecting water away from the foundation. These blocks are purely a decorative element based on the chosen aesthetic of your property. 

Plastic Splash Blocks

Plastic splash blocks are versatile and cost-efficient. However, their lightweight build makes them susceptible to movement during storms and may crack or break over time if water freezes.

In most cases, we recommend considering metal or concrete splash blocks mentioned above.  

Which Type of Splash Block Do We Recommended?

For maximum durability, aesthetic, and effectiveness, concrete splash blocks are often recommended. They provide long-term performance and can withstand basically any weather condition you’re likely to encounter in Houston. 

If you’re wanting the most stylish options with curb-appeal, we recommend stone or metal splash blocks if you can find them in the right colors that match the exterior of your home. 

To shop gutter splash block styles: click here

Installing Splash Blocks

DIY or Hire Professional Help?

While installing splash blocks may be an easy DIY project for some, it’s important to install every piece of your gutter system correctly to ensure proper water flow. For the best results and to avoid errors, we recommend hiring a professional gutter installation company that you trust to consult with before you start. 

Finding a Trustworthy Gutter Company Near You

When looking for a gutter installation company, seek recommendations, read reviews, and verify their credentials. A trustworthy company will be proactive about your wants and needs, communicate throughout the installation process, and give sound advice on  maintaining your gutter system to minimize future leaks or problems. 

Luck for you War Horse Gutters is here to help. With over 15 years of experience servicing Houston and surrounding areas, War Horse Gutters is your go-to local gutter expert. For more information about Splash Blocks, schedule a free consultation or call our office directly to get started today. 

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