5 Modern Gutter Profiles That Will Make Your Home Look Stunning

when it comes to choosing gutter, shopping around is good, but there is 5 modern gutter profiles that you will need to look into

5 Modern Gutter Profiles That Will Make Your Home Look Stunning What is a Gutter? A gutter is a channel or conduit along the edge of a roof that collects and directs rainwater away from the building. It plays a crucial role in protecting the structural integrity of a house by preventing water damage to […]

How Much Rain Can Your Gutters Handle?

How Much Rain Can Your Gutters Handle? Gutters play an essential role in protecting your home from water damage, but how much rain can they handle? According to The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment, West Texas alone receives, on average, less than 10 inches of rain per year, while East Texas can get […]

What are box gutters?

an infographic to asking what are box gutter and why are they necessary. by war horse gutters

What are Box Gutters Box Gutter Design Box gutters are hidden drainage systems incorporated into the roof structure and concealed behind the fascia board. Unlike regular gutters that are attached along the roof’s edge, these gutters are positioned within the roof’s overhang, ensuring a smooth and discreet look. Their function is to gather rainwater runoff […]

Primary Causes of Gutter Overflow

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Primary Causes of Gutter Overflow Primary Causes of Gutter Overflow Gutter overflow can lead to problems for homeowners, these problems can including sogging gutters, expensive roof repairs, water damage to the foundation and sometimes damage to landscaping from overflowing water. Understanding the primary causes of gutter overflow is essential for maintaining the effectiveness and longevity […]

Why Are Driveway Channel Drain Necessary?

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Why Are Driveway Channel Drain Necessary? What is a Driveway Channel Drain? Driveway channel drains are drainage systems specifically designed to collect and divert water runoff from driveways. They typically consist of a long, narrow trench with a grate or slot cover installed along the edge or center of the driveway. These drains effectively capture […]

What Are Gutter Hangers

gutter hangers are straps that is use to connect gutters to the fascia boards. This inforgraphic is for the blog, what are gutter hangers? by War Horse Gutters

What Are Gutter Hangers? What Are Rain Gutter Hangers Gutter hangers might not get a lot of attention, but they’re super important for your gutters. Gutter hangers are hooks or straps used to attach gutters to the side of a building.  Without these gutter holders, your gutters would have a hard time doing their job, […]

Rain Chains vs Downspouts

An image description for the blog rain chains vs downspouts. This blog is describing the deference between rain chains and downspouts.

Rain Chains vs Downspouts What Are Rain Chains? Rain chains and gutter downspouts are both common methods of redirecting rainwater away from your home, especially in areas like Houston where heavy rainfall is common. They work together by diverting rainwater away from the foundation, preventing flooding and potential water damage.  At War Horse Gutters, our […]

Problems with Buried Downspouts

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Problems With Buried Downspouts What Are Downspouts and Why Are They Important? A downspout is a vertical pipe that is typically attached to the side of a building and connected to the gutter system on the roof. By guiding water away from the foundation through the gutters, they play a vital role in keeping your […]

What Are Splash Blocks?

This is a feature image about splash blocks by War Horse Gutters.

What Are Splash Blocks? What are they? Splash blocks are the rectangular slabs commonly seen on the side of homes near gutters, and are essential components of a gutter system designed to direct water away from the downspout that prevents water accumulation near the foundation of your home. They play a vital role in maintaining […]

Half Round vs. K-Style Gutters: Pros and Cons 2024

A blog from War Horse Gutters titled "Half Round vs K-Style Gutters: Pros and Cons 2024"

Half Round vs. K-Style Gutters: Pros and Cons Did You Know? Did you know that Houston, TX, receives an average annual rainfall of around 49 inches? Because of how common heavy rainfall and severe storms can be, having an effective gutter system is critical for homeowners living in Houston and surrounding areas. In this article, […]